Healaura Academy offers innovative, groundbreaking training that can unleash your inner potential. By strengthening your connection to your inner intuitive source, you can create an even more satisfying life, deepen your connection with others, friends and partners, improve the quality of your relationships, wake up to a job you love, improve your health, including medical and genetic conditions and express yourself creatively.

“I feel connected to myself, in presence and I feel I am fulfilled in the areas of: work, relationships, health and studies. The work that Healaura academy is doing with people is life savior! I want to say thanks to Amir, Orit, and every one who takes part of this wonderful project.”

Healaura’s community is a group of people passionate to make a change in their lives and in the lives of others as well.

Amir and Orit Cooper founded Healaura Academy 15 years ago, developing a self-development system that supports and trains people on how to have a balanced, fulfilled and nourishing life.